Seamless startup discovery and decision-making support

Building a deal flow pipeline and filtration tool is resource intensive, with legacy brands winning the best deals and limiting visibility for strategic investors and partners.

Kaiku enables any investor to bring the power of data & machine learning in-house, with bespoke scouting campaigns. Save analysts countless hours of manual research with sourcing automations - discover, filter and engage the right startups with enhanced data insights, matching algorithm and actively engaged CEOs.

Deeper data insights

Data synchronisation on over 2,000,000 global Pre-Seed to Series B tech startups. Kaiku augments public data with proprietary data collected from signals to consolidate business insights.

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Enhanced deal flow

ML-powered algorithm personalises startup recommendations through platform interaction. Schedule a meeting, track or reject startups to train the algorithm and enhance match accuracy.

Actively verified founders

Benefit from real relationships to engage with startups on a deeper level and leave cold connections in the past. Implement business vetting on startups and acquire private data directly from founders during the verification process.

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What Kaiku delivers

Curation & automation
Extended your sourcing capabilites with our data ingestion & AI algorithm
High quality startups
Companies undergo business vetting & legal verification before onboarding
Resource efficiency
Data aggregation reduces time spent scrolling through databases and CRMs

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We've matched startups with over 400 venture funds, family offices, corporates and governments.