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Kaiku was launched as a smart sourcing solution for early stage venture funds. To date, we have worked with over 350 investors ranging from venture funds & family offices to corporate investors, accelerators & incubators

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Our journey

Our technology aims to automate the origination and filtering of accurate dealflow. For investors, we have built a data-led scouting process that streamlines the discovery of new prospects. For startups, we enable strategic funding and commercial connections that they would otherwise never uncover.

Kaiku was launched in late 2019 as an early stage funding solution to help startups access the early stage capital that still remains so hard to access, whilst also simplifying the journey to ‘investment readiness’.

We have worked with venture functions in over 50 countries across the globe, supporting cross-border funding connections. We believe that with more feedback and platform usage, AI-driven decisions can become more accessible and hence streamline early-stage investment processes across the market.

Matching accuracy
Quicker decisions
Data points
Improved ROI


We have offices across the UK but our team operates internationally to help our customers across the globe.


Alphaworks, Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street, Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1TT


WeWork, 10 York Rd, London, SE1 7ND

Meet the team behind Kaiku

Alex Balderstone
Co-Founder & CEO
Shanil Shah
Co-founder | Product & Sales
Thomas Salzer
Founding Team & CTO
Trishna Nagrani
Founding Team
Jonathan Ng
Shimya Devakumaran
Machine Learning Analyst
Edward Foxhall
Deals & Business Associate
Jess Pham
Commercial & Strategy Analyst
Demian Netliukh
Junior React Developer
Dean Burnell
Rajiv Shah
Venture Partner
Sid Choksi
Venture Partner


We partner we a variety or businesses and organisations dedicated to the growth of the startup community. Discover our partners or enquire about becoming one.


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