Global Deal Intelligence for Innovation Challenges

Corporate Innovation

Corporate venture capital (CVC) and innovation teams face the complex task of maximising returns whilst identifying solutions that solve core strategic objectives. Although over 65% of teams focus more on strategic goals than financial ones, every two in three CVCs do not have a development team dedicated to brand development and scouting processes aligned with corporate identity. 

Kaiku's deal intelligence helps to distinguish brand presence in crowded markets and connect innovation discovery with corporate identity.

What We Deliver

Global data insights

Kaiku extends geographical reach with ongoing data synchronisation on over 2,000,000 SMEs in 150+ countries. Our tech augments public data with private data obtained from signals, verifying this information directly with founders during onboarding. Automatically centralise prospects by eliminating manual data entry, and capture only relevant deals with an ML-powered matching algorithm.

Strategic branding & workflow

Custom sign-up process and workflow designed to enhance brand equity. Highlight your strategic value-add by improving transparency and presence of corporate identity to potential startups and stakeholders Kaiku’s project based approach allows us to implement a hybrid tech-managed service; specialised scouting campaigns are tailored to the requirements of each client.

Use cases

Adaptable startup sourcing, data intelligence and workflow for corporate innovation. Discover deal flow in stealth mode to fly under the radar and gain access to the most elusive deals, or develop a bespoke sourcing mechanism with Kaiku to push your brand out to the market and directly address open innovation challenges.

Products and Solutions

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