Simplified profiling & promotion

Programme and portfolio managers face the complex task of establishing partner networks to support startup cohorts in commercialising and scaling. Building a cohesive network from scratch and tracking individual company progress, can be tedious and time-consuming.

Our Market Expansion Service catalyses commercialisation through alignment workshops, data consolidation and strategic introductions to co-innovators and buyers.

Tailored workflow

Design a sign-up workflow to improve brand image and customer messaging. Ensure quality control with business and legal vetting before onboarding a startup.

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Enriched data insights

Identify core business data points that are relevant to investors and dealmakers. Kaiku startup profiles contain up to 30 core data points, improving visibility of company traction, metrics and funding data.

Intuitive business promotion

Save hundreds of hours in building strategic relationships - invite investors and strategic partners to match with startups, supported by Kaiku's machine-learning recommender algorithm

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What We Deliver

Curation & automation
Extended your sourcing capabilites with our data ingestion & AI algorithm
High quality startups
Companies undergo business vetting & legal verification before onboarding
Save time & resources
Data aggregation to reduce time scrolling databases and CRMs

Supercharge your portfolio management and network promotion

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We've matched startups with over 400 venture funds, family offices, corporates and governments.