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The South Korean market has recently experienced the “second venture boom,” with numbers related to startups and venture investment continuously reaching record highs. South Korea is becoming a serious contender in the APAC startup market, with an ever-growing number of high-technology companies being backed by public and private funding.

The Kaiku team have worked with multiple companies and organisations within the South Korean startup ecosystem and are always looking for more connections to be made within the country. Our partners in the country focus on helping startups.


With its booming internet economy and pro-startup regulations, Singapore has become one of Southeast Asia’s favourite startup hubs. Department of Statistics and Enterprise Singapore data shows that there are nearly 4,000 startups in Singapore, over 220 VCs, and over 200 accelerators.

The Kaiku team have recently developed relationships within the region. With a close link to the UK’s trade association (DiT Singapore) being the main link to the ecosystem we are looking to talk to startup consultancies and government organizations alike to help bridge the venture capital and startup ecosystem between UK and Singapore.

Our partners in APAC
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Here is our Kaiku APAC representative:

Rancho Lee: Head of Division Accelerating at Brothers' Consulting


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