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Scale-ups can spend months researching international growth strategies and allocating resources when entering a new market without an operational partner. A lack of local hires, market knowledge and adaptive landing strategies are the most common reasons for a business to fail when expanding internationally. Additionally, founders must juggle this challenge whilst constantly fundraising, with analysis showing that startups can take anywhere between 90 days to 9 months to close a Pre-Seed or Seed round of investment.

What We Deliver

Consolidate market strategies with centralised support

Kaiku accelerates international expansion to the UK with on-the-ground experts allowing for quicker decision making and support. Our extensive network of over 100+ partners ranging from legal firms to in-market trade organisations catalyses prior research into tangible conversations with introductions to deep-rooted stakeholders.

Accurate and warm introductions to investors

Kaiku enables your business to become discoverable - we offer a free one-time sign-up to produce a targeted business and funding profile in under 10 minutes. We manage bespoke connections with over 500 venture funds & clients in 50+ countries allowing for strategic and relevant relationships and simplifying the funding journey.

Use cases

Develop a market entry strategy and clarify your product positioning alongside our research team. We help to identify key market openings and customer types - discover potential clients in both public and private sectors to drive your commercialisation. Bespoke investor introductions further simplify the process of centralising your funding data and identifying a strategic investor through a warm introduction.

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