What We Deliver

Supercharged deal sourcing operations

Kaiku enables anyone to source relevant deals with ease with our data and matching technology. Automated scouting, enrichment and outreach to speed up prospect engagement by up to 4x faster than traditional processes - reduce dealmakers’ time spent on building relationships so they can focus on closing the best deals.

Decision-making support

Improve the accuracy of deal origination with intuitive recommender systems. Our ML-driven matchmaking algorithm uses your platform interaction to enhance startup recommendations, boasting an 80% match accuracy rating. Save Analysts countless hours of manual data entry, diligence and deal filtration.

Use cases

Data-led scouting, tailored to your requirements. Whether accessing alternative data sources to supplement deal flow, or scanning a market segment to identify industry trends, our data insights empower venture teams. Use Kaiku to access a new market, extend geographical coverage or improve deal insights for LP reporting.

Products and Solutions

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