Focused landing & commercial support

New market entry and international expansion are essential to scaling, however establishing networks and presence in a foreign ecosystem can be resource intensive. On-the-ground operational expertise in any startup ecosystem is key to unlocking partnerships and tapping into public funding opportunities.

Without warm connections and detailed insights into an investor's thesis, countless hours are wasted attempting to fundraise rather than focusing on business fundamentals.

Kaiku delivers a range of soft-landing services to directly accelerate market penetration using local expertise. Bespoke investor introductions simplify the process of centralising your funding data and identifying a strategic warm introduction.

Robust go-to-market strategy

Develop a market entry strategy and clarify your product positioning alongside our research team. We help to identify key market openings and customer types to deploy your product through the optimal sales channels.

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Optimised commercial launch

Discover potential clients in both public and private sectors to drive your commercialisation. Find distribution partners and develop feedback loops with customers to differentiate from competitors and establish your share of the market.

Specialised partner exposure

Access strategic connections with distributors, clients and investors across the world. Kaiku has matched over £300m in early-stage funding rounds with our investor network. Our database is used by 400+ global VCs, Corporates, Family Offices and Governments to discover startups, giving you exposure to stakeholders in over 50 countries.

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We've matched startups with over 400 venture funds, family offices , CORPORATES and Governments.