When starting a business, it’s vital to source the correct support to inform you on important decisions you need to make.

Kaiku’s partner community offers a comprehensive support system, provided by organizations we trust. From agile advice in legal navigation to identifying crucial market trends – Kaiku’s partners have us covered.

Our partners work with Kaiku to help us improve our offering, keep us in the loop on the latest trends and support our user base with the latest insights.

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Lewis Silkin is one of the world’s leading commercial law firms, focused on working with creative, innovative & brand-focused businesses. Leading the way on meeting clients’ employment, immigration & reward needs, LS delivers pragmatic advice in a humane manner.


Lewis Silkin has continuously provided Kaiku with updates on global markets and other external factors that influence startup growth. It is vital to stay in tune with shifting trends within the ecosystem - Kaiku has remained at the forefront of innovation strategy with the help of Lewis Silkin's assistance.

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Oak's Lab is a full-service digital development agency specializing in product & project management, UI/UX design and software engineering.With a team of 70 ambitious digital product builders, they are based in Silicon Valley and Prague, working with clients on a global scale.


Their expertise lies in concept-to-product development leading early stage startups from a napkin sketch to raising a Series A. They stand out with a thorough processes, structured agile schedule, implementation of top tier tools, transparent reporting, entrepreneur-centric flexibility and passion for the projects we take on.

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Birmingham Enterprise Community​ (BEC) is a community of emerging entrepreneurs and change-makers from across the Midlands that aims to​ make the region one of the best locations in the world to set up and run a business​. Formed in 2019 after a group of enterprising students from all 5 Birmingham Universities came together to discuss ways of uniting their respective student communities, BEC looks to​ create opportunities for individuals to develop as entrepreneurs and turn the ideas that they have for a startup or to make an impact into a reality.​


BEC's main accelerator programme, FORWARD, is their 6-month comprehensive package of support for startups to enable growth and support the transition towards scale-up. BEC is now one of the leading accelerator programmes in the West Midlands region.


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