Pipeline Enrichment & Intelligence

Activate prospects in your network using data enrichment and our algorithm

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Profiling automation

We connect to founders through auto-filled profiles, allowing them to easily verify and enrich their company data.

Kaiku’s AI matching algorithm then translates your platform interactions into enhanced startup recommendations

Vetting & Filtration

We implement business validation and light diligence on each company before onboarding to Kaiku’s platform

Data Enrichment & Profiling

Startup profiles are pre-filled using the Kaiku repository, and are automatically sent to founders for verification and enrichment

AI Matching Algorithm

Kaiku’s AI tracks your platform interactions and behavioural data to improve startup recommendations

We have worked with over 350 global vENTURE FUNDS and family offices

Why Use Kaiku

Data-led profiling
Prospect engagement up to 4x faster than traditional processes
Centralised data
Business profiles, funding information and founder backgrounds in one place
Accurate deal origination
AI-enabled algorithm increases deal sourcing accuracy by up to 80%
Cost Optimisation
improve savings by up to 40% compared to in-house development

‘’Kaiku offers well filtered and tailored deal flow, through a user-friendly application which helps us to source from geographies where we lack presence or access’’

"SaasBox lets us create a month’s worth of content in one week for our clients, allowing us to spend the rest of the month engaging and optimizing.”

Gaston Eguren, Proeza Ventures
Data points in Kaiku startup repository
Faster decision making & filtering

"It is often difficult to get dealflow from markets the team does not have a network in - Kaiku’s deaflow across markets is very beneficial. Their filters streamline my engagement, and given my time is limited this is very helpful."

"With SaasBox, I can have a clear view of all metrics and analytics to make necessary changes in my marketing strategies. I am able to catch up with current trends and manage all our social media channels without too much effort."

James Song, APX (Axel-Springer Porsche)
more followers within a month
Return on Investment
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