Data intelligence for government entities and commercialisation services for their scale-up cohorts

Government & Trade Agency

With an increasing focus on cross-border commercialisation and investment, government entities and agencies require specialised data insights alongside on-the-ground partners to assist their startups with market penetration and scaling. Criticisms of existing government support can range from inefficient and bureaucratic programme designs to a lack of entrepreneurial culture and digitalisation. Whether promoting FDI through discovery of startups for the local economy, or offering expansion services to existing portfolios of companies, data insights are key to unlocking the potential of expanding scale-ups.

What We Deliver

Global startup insights

Kaiku extends geographical reach with ongoing data synchronisation on over 2,000,000 SMEs in 150+ countries. Our tech augments public data with private data obtained from signals, verifying this information directly with founders during onboarding. Automatically centralise prospects by eliminating manual data entry, and capture only relevant deals with an ML-powered matching algorithm.

Simplified data management

Centralised business profiles, data consolidation and funding information to simplify cohort management. Identify core business data points that are relevant to investors or dealmakers. Kaiku startup profiles contain up to 30 data points, reducing manual data entry whilst improving visibility of traction, metrics and funding data.

Use cases

Data-driven SME sourcing for governments alongside optimised commercial and market entry services for scale-up cohorts. Digitalise investment promotion and talent discovery with international data insights and AI matchmaking for inwards investment. For groups of scale-ups seeking new market opportunities, Kaiku supports outward investment through a range of commercial services and on-the-ground operational expertise to accelerate cross-border growth.

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