Optimised startup discovery

Bespoke scouting campaigns delivered in individual projects, using Kaiku's proprietary database and matchmaking system

Enhanced data insights

Our machine learning (ML) algorithm translates platform interaction into enhanced startup recommendations

Scouting and Deal Intelligence

Bespoke startup scouting

Tailored data ingestion extends your in-house scouting capabilities through a simple and automated workflow

Portfolio Data Management

Verified businesses

We implement business verification and diligence on each company before onboarding to our platform

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What we deliver

Data Discovery
Enriched global data insights, verified by private data signals
Verified Startups
Business & legal checks conducted before approval to a client project
Global Markets
Access to over 2,000,000 tech businesses in 50+ countries

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We've matched startups with over 400 venture funds, family offices, corporates and governments

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Targeted business profile

We've identified the key data points tracked by investors in early diligence - create a profile in under 10 minutes

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Smart scouting

Our platform is used by investors and commercial partners globally to run specialised startup sourcing campaigns

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Focus on your business

We'll notify you when a sourcing campaign is live in your industry - manage meeting requests directly from your inbox

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