Tzvete Doncheva - Impact Investment and Diversity in VC

“An impact startup is founded with a clear intention of solving an ecological or social challenge” - Alex and Tzvete talk about opportunities for innovation and the urgency driving impact startups. 

Tzvete started out as a journalist before switching to proptech and future cities. She has worked in built world tech (Bosch's London Connectory and Round Hill Ventures) and is now focusing on 'Future of work'. She works with startups on positioning and strategy, is on the advisory board of implantable technology company Impli and is an advisor to The Entrepreneurs Network, UK's leading think tank of over 10,000 entrepreneurs. Tzvete also mentors female founders and is a strong advocate for diversity in technology. You may follow her Ecosystem project (online initiatives with VCs and founders) or subscribe to her newsletter on tech and venture capital".


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