The Launch of AGORA Capital: Our guided journey for your fundraise

AGORA is proud to announce the initiation of our curated fundraise process, AGORA Capital. Our team have been busy working with a number of high-quality start-ups from leading accelerators and innovation hubs all across the UK.

By analysing and profiling these start-up’s approaches to both pre-seed and early seed stage fundraising rounds, we are now able to issue tailored feedback ranging from pitch deck support to investment readiness. Once these high quality start-ups have met all preparation criteria, we have begun connecting them with our early stage investors from our network, before helping them to close your fundraise with the assistance of our partners, SeedLegals.

If you are an early stage start-up wanting early stage funding support get in touch with us if you want support with:

  • Advice and support on getting ready for an early stage investment round

  • Impartial feedback on your proposition, product and pitch to investors

  • Access to some of the UK’s leading innovation networks and accelerators

  • Direct access to the AGORA investment network

Equally if you are an early stage investor wanting access to curated deal-flow from some of the UK’s leading accelerators get in touch if you’d like:

  • Pre-qualified start-ups with strong founding teams, solid products and major traction

  • Start-ups from our partners at the UK’s leading innovation centres and accelerators

  • Investment ready start-ups

Start your investment journey with AGORA Capital or feel free to get in touch with us at to join our network.


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