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As a startup, there are many tools and services out there that are useful for startups. However, it's not always easy to find these products and services that you can use to enable your startup to grow and develop.

AGORA Toolkit aims to bring many of these tools together so you can find the products and services that you need to grow, some that you may not have come across otherwise. Better yet, for many of these services, AGORA members get exclusive benefits such as reduced prices and extended trial periods.

Discover what we're offering you through all of these partners below and to claim your offers sign up to AGORA for free and visit AGORA Toolkit. (Last updated September 2019)


AndCo is a super flexible hot-desking platform that allows you to work from the best hotels, bars and restaurants in 90+ venues all over London. Bookable hot-desks for unlimited hours where and when you need it for just £20 a month or £99 for the year. 

Plus, exclusively for AGORA member, you can save 30% off the first 6 months with our exclusive code.

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bloomup are a boutique creative agency that targets entrepreneurs and startups. Their value proposition is summarised by the use of marketing technologies and relying on an experienced marketing team.

For AGORA Members, bloomup are offering a completely free marketing consultation. Then if you choose to continue services with them, you'll be treated to special prices for their services such as social media management.

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Crunch, an award-winning, online accounting service supporting over 10,500 freelancers, contractors, small businesses, and practically anyone who’s self-employed, offer a range of accountancy and business services for limited companies, sole traders, and umbrella contractors.

AGORA Members get exclusive savings off Crunch's Accountancy Packages. Sole Traders can save £5 off the monthly subscriptions and and Limited Companies save 10% off their monthly fees.

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Digital Risks

Backed by some of the country's leading insurers, Digital Risks offer comprehensive insurance, designed especially for freelancers, start-ups and fast-growth companies, with an emphasis on digital protection for the future. They'll build you bespoke cover through their industry-leading technology to cover every eventuality.

Digital Risks have partnered up with AGORA to provide their members with 10% off their business insurance.

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Law is a complex subject, and it's difficult for startups to navigate around. But it can be used to protect your business, and that's what Farillio is for. Whether you’re aiming to unlock more revenue from your IP, looking to getting those invoices paid on time (or as soon as possible after that!), investigating how you can make data protection compliance simple and robust, hiring for the first time or many times over, creating sales contracts, sourcing investment or setting up a website or trading terms, Farillio makes getting those outcomes, simple, quick and affordable meaning you can spend less time and money on the legal stuff, and much more time making great things happen for your business, safe in the knowledge that Farillio’s got you covered.

AGORA members save 10% off Farillio's services.

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Go SiteBuilder

A website is key to almost any business, let alone a startup. Go Sitebuilder is a simple, mobile and complete web presence solution aimed at small businesses. Including a mobile website and store builder, a personalised domain name and up to five unique email addresses, it has everything small businesses need to create a professional online presence, without any of the unnecessary complexity and expense often associated with getting a brand online.

Go Sitebuilder are offering a free trial so you can see for yourself how easy it is to create your professional website.

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It's unlikely to be relevant to all startups, but for the one's it is, immigration law is vital! Many startups are set up by immigrants, whether their working or came over as a student, and they need to remain in the UK if they want to continue growing their business. GOOD ADVICE UK is a dynamic London based law firm specialising in immigration law. Proudly committed to providing expert, direct and high-standard legal advice and support with a no-nonsense approach in order to genuinely assist clients in realising their immigration objectives in the UK .

AGORA members get up to 10% off legal fees from Good Advice UK.

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One of the most popular CRM, Sales, Service and Marketing Platforms around HubSpot allows you to keep your entire sales funnel in one place, from marketing to post sales service. With plans available from free, it can grow with your business.

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Pipedrive have helped thousands of clients manage millions of leads, and close deals worth billions. Because selling is in their DNA. Organise your sales funnel and make sure no-one is left behind with a tool that keeps your sales channel focused and organised. Try it for free.

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Revolut for Business is a next generation business account from Revolut, used by freelancers and companies to save time, save money and stay in control.

Join 100,000+ businesses and sign-up in minutes to get unique account details, corporate cards with huge fee savings, integrations, open API and a mobile app.

  • Hold, exchange and transfers in 29 currencies with the real exchange rate. 

  • Issue free corporate cards to employees to spend abroad with save on fees and reduce expenses.

  • State of the art platform to manage all of your business finances with ease, including bulk payments and permissions.

  • Individual EUR and GBP IBANs for businesses.

  • Freelancer and business tariffs. Sign-up in minutes with same day onboarding.

  • Open API to automate payments and connect platforms such as Zapier, Xero, Slack and Stripe.

AGORA members get 3 months free plus a Revolut for Business Payment Card.

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Communication with customers is hard to manage, especially as a new business with a small team. RocketBots makes it easier by allowing you to manage all your customer chats in one CRM with broadcasts, surveys, and AI-powered messaging.

AGORA members save 10% off with our code.

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With many startups operating in the tech sphere Rocketmakers are a fantastic companion. They design, develop and deploy award-winning digital technologies by taking on projects they believe in, making your software idea a reality.

AGORA members get a free initial consultation.

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Funding is an essential part to startup growth but the legalities and process around it can be confusing. SeedLegals is the one-stop platform for all the legals to get funded and grow your business.

AGORA members get three free months to the SeedLegals base plan - where users can create employment contracts, NDAs, advisor and consultant agreements as well as build and manage their cap table.

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Soldo is the multi-user expense account featuring Mastercard® cards, intuitive admin and effortless reporting. They help streamline the entire business expense cycle – from spending to reconciliation.

Members of AGORA get 30% off selected subscription plans.

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Nearly any business needs to get paid somehow to make money, and in today's world many get paid online. Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. They handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

AGORA members get access to many benefits from Stripe, some of which are: £15,000 in fee-free processing, valid for twelve months; access to Stripe Atlas; enhanced customer support.

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New and modern businesses, need new and modern business banking. Tide (Tide Platform Limited) is a UK financial technology company providing a mobile-first business banking service for small and medium-sized enterprises. It enables businesses to set up a current account and get instant access to various financial services (including automated bookkeeping and integrated invoicing).

AGORA members get 1 year of free transfers.

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Unicorn Labs

Unicorn-Labs supports early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs by building prototypes which allow them to validate their idea. As a non-profit Organisation we gather highly motivated and skilled individuals who come together to produce an MVP: "Validating Ideas. Minimally and Fast.”

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AGORA aims to create a digital space for your startup where we can offer a lot of what you need, but sometimes startups need something outside the digital world. WeCoffee allows you to find free and unique rooms and coworking spaces for your new business.

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Fast growing start ups need the top talent to take on the unique hurdles that come with such a level of expansion. Zanda help rapidly expanding digital and tech companies find the expert leadership they need.

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