Startup Spotlight: Lifestyle

As all facets of our lives become more connected, faster moving and online, lifestyle startups have emerged to correct the smallest inconveniences to the largest unmet consumer needs. Startups solve problems by doing things differently, so we are focusing the spotlight on two startups ahead of the trend and disrupting the lifestyle space: Uncommonn and Crowdless.

Sustainable Streetwear: Uncommonn

Did you know the fashion industry's carbon impact is bigger than the airline industry?

For years fast fashion has been driving up the cost of our wardrobes on the environment so it's no wonder sustainable retail is gaining momentum among ESG-concerned Gen Z shoppers demanding more from brands. According to Forbes 2019 report The State of Consumer Spending: Gen Z Shoppers Demand Sustainable Retail”, 62 percent prefer to buy from sustainable brands, and 54 percent are willing to pay more for social and environmentally responsible goods. More and more small fashion houses are setting up shop with unique designs and a passion for responsible consumerism. That's why Kaiku is proud to be raising with Uncommonn.

Uncommonn is the fashion marketplace of choice for emerging sustainable fashion designers; attracting aware and knowledgeable Generation Z shoppers. High quality streetwear, 100% sustainable.

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Staying safe with Social Distancing: Crowdless

It’s everywhere in the news, COVID-19 will change the way we live and interact for the foreseeable future. Now there has been an easing of lockdown, the once bustling high streets are slowly coming back to life and people are taking to the parks to get those summer rays. We understand that public health is still the No.1 priority and that we are best placed to tackle the spread and keep loved ones safe by adhering to social distancing rules. That's where Crowdless can help.

Crowdless helps you to keep your distance by taking in live data on the number of people in a supermarket and telling you how busy a place is before you go - helping consumers to choose the best place and time to head out for the weekly shop.

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