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“What do Whatsapp, Uber, Instagram and Slack have in common? They all started in the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis.

It can sometimes feel difficult as a founder facing the headwinds of the economy, with so many businesses and jobs co-moving with the macro cycles and fortunes being made or broken by shocks far out of our control. It's been a tough few months for founders as investors are generally reluctant in times of uncertainty and look to protect their portfolios, but we've seen some exciting fundraising activity in the digital space (think Onfido, Countercraft and Auro, to name a few). We’ll be casting the spotlight onto three exciting startups Kaiku is proud to be raising with.

Intimacy regardless of distance: Vibio

Sexual wellness has long been stigmatized, contributing to a previous lack of investor interest. But the space is gaining traction as it becomes integrated into a more holistic care model.

– CB Insights

We couldn’t say it better ourselves. In our culture and biology, sex is part of our physical wellbeing, whether we talk about it or not. As of 2017, Sextech was already a $30bn industry and Stratistics estimates that global sexual wellness will grow to $122.96bn by 2026. Social isolation is accelerating this massive growth and clearing the tunnel between sex and broader sexual wellness to be considered in discussions about health. That’s why we’re proud to be raising with Vibio.

Vibio makes app controlled sex toys for partners to play regardless of location, closing the physical distance between partners sexuality from afar.

Check out Vibio’s fundraise at:

Plant-based meals between Terminals: EatGreen

We miss our trips to the airport and while airlines are struggling, airline stocks are still bouyant as investors (and jetsetters) look towards borders reopening after lockdown. One fact we can be sure of: every year more of us travelling prefer meat-free alternatives but it can be difficult to find plant based and gluten-free foods on the go. Consumers especially demand more vegan fast food and takeaway, with demand surging 388% between 2016 and 2018. Vegetarian and Vegan foods are now the fastest growing takeaway choice.

Eatgreen is the first ecommerce mobile app devoted to helping millions of consumers worldwide to discover and pre-purchase healthy, plant-based food options in major international airports. EatGreen are transforming airport dining by giving travellers a fast, easy way to find and purchase healthy, plant-based menu options across airports worldwide.

Check out EatGreen’s fundraise at:

The Earth Friendly Marketplace: Veo

It’s everywhere we look, consumers are demanding more from their products and GenZ are voting with their cash, with more than half willing to spend more for socially environmentally sustainable goods (Forbes).

In 2019 Accenture found the UK spent over £83bn on ethical goods – almost twice that of alcohol and tobacco and every year more consumers are looking for brands that promise goods made fairly, ethically, vegan and sustainably. That's where Veo comes in: 9 out of 10 of us want to shop sustainably but 8 out 10 say they struggle to find sustainable produce (Deliotte). Veo is the Earth Friendly Marketplace bridging the commercial gap and connecting conscious consumers to sustainable brands. Veo is just getting started with over 1,400 brands having registered for a Veo shop and we look forward to seeing many more to come.

Check out Veo’s fundraise at:

If you'd like to find out more about any of the startups here, or potentially invest, contact us.

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