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Kaiku is an early-stage funding platform working with 250+ investors across the UK, Europe & the Americas to source early stage funding for tech-enabled startups. We have helped startups raise hundreds of thousands by connecting them with professional investors and we are continuing to refine our process to smoothly match startups with investors. We have seen most of our growth in the last quarter and are fast on track to raise £1m for founders by the end of 2020.

As we enter the next stage of our growth journey, we want to scale our matching process to increase our capacity for deals and help more startups access essential early-stage funding. We are investing our time heavily in the development of a machine learning platform, focused on enabling intelligent investor matches for startups and deeper, data-driven insights for investors. Product:

After months of development, our new platform is ready for release and we are excited to share it with you. The Kaiku platform is here to increase your investor leads by helping investors gain deeper insights into the cohort. We are now operating a closed beta test stage and you can contact us to get early access. Cool Features:

To give you a glimpse into the tech behind Kaiku we want to briefly present our AI powered solution and show you how data drives our business.

At the heart of our matching lies a recommender system, which is responsible for learning the preferences of investors by considering their investment thesis and startup portfolio data. Our intelligent system then generates attractive matches with startups in our cohort to increase leads and the likelihood of a successful match. These investment opportunities will directly integrate with your workflow and can be directly accessed on the platform or received via email.

We provide a unique, automated solution for startups and investors by eliminating the menial tasks involved in finding investment targets and reducing the time founders spend chasing for unlikely investors. We understand time is valuable for both founders and funds, therefore streamlining the matching process will reduce many of the research difficulties both parties face and instead facilitate meaningful conversations to get the deals done.

Next stages:

There is still much more to come in the development of our platform. Next up on our roadmap we are focusing on the following:

  • Empowering your data insights by integrating a neat dashboard with key information

  • Connecting you through an integrated chat feature

  • Augmenting our AI with machine learning capabilities for increased matching efficiency

… and more! The Development Team would love your feedback on the closed beta to help us build a platform to satisfy all of your fundraising requirements. Surveys will be opened in the near future and tune in on our social media to hear more about the Kaiku platform!


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