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Since our founding we've been building out a diverse and talented team to help startups raise Seed and Series A funding. The Kaiku team comes from a wide range of backgrounds, from running incubator programmes to building football scouting mobile apps! With a team spread across 6 countries, we thought we would look a bit closer this week at some of our team’s backgrounds and why they got involved in Kaiku:

Harjot - Lead Developer:

With 7+ years of development experience as a Full-Stack Engineer and a Computer Science MEng, I've advised and built platforms for a range of organisations. Prior to joining Kaiku, I led a team of 6 to build the Skouted app - a social network for aspiring footballers to upload clips and expose themselves to scouts. I was also a technical mentor and CTO to the Warwick Incubator - the UK's first student-run incubator, and mentored startups in the cohort on technical matters.

As part of the Product Team, I'm the Lead Engineer at Kaiku, and have developed the core platform, delivering the first stages of our product roadmap. With a focus on technical robustness, user experience, and future extensibility, I've worked to launch Kaiku into the next stages.

Shanil - COO & Head of Deals:

My background is originally in operational management and client relations. I was the first hire at InvestIN Education, what became one of the UK's largest pre-university course providers and have now served over 40,000 students since its inception.

Further to this I helped set up Warwick Congress, one of the UK's largest student-run conferences. Now I manage Deals and Operations at Kaiku - a position that allows me to bring together this range of previous stakeholder insights, mirroring Kaiku's values of centralising stakeholder perspectives to build a more cohesive fundraising ecosystem.

Rajiv - Partnerships:

My role at Kaiku focuses on deals, and more specifically, being a link between innovation hubs, startup programs, accelerators and our own Kaiku cohort of startups. I have a background in economics that has helped me visualise the complex startup ecosystem as a dynamic market with multiple stakeholders.

Through managing external marketing for a large student conference, I have used this experience to learn about customer retention and relationship management. Now complemented by work in CSR for a Pharma company, I have realised the huge innovative potential within developing markets - something I hope we can tap more into!

We are always looking for new members and keen to hear from you! If you want to learn more about the early stage funding scene across Europe and beyond, support our technical development team or marketing efforts drop us a line at


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