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The funding scene in the UK is still very much alive and kicking as evidenced by the $9.7bn funding which London start-ups alone received in 2019. This figure is greater than the combined funding of Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid showing that the UK funding scene is very much hot.

We love the work the following start-ups are doing and we wanted to congratulate them on their recent success through our very own Kaiku Start-Up Shout-Outs!

Manna Drone Delivery, a transportation start-up specialising in the delivery of goods using aerospace drones. Live within a 2km radius of your favourite restaurant? Get your takeaway delivered in under 3 minutes!! Manna Drone Delivery are executing truly ground-breaking work into the future of logistics. The idea came from chips… specifically how the quality of takeaway chips doesn’t quite match that of eating in a restaurant. With cutting-edge aerospace technology, Manna is providing an answer the future of delivering goods to your door.

Orbital Witness, a UK based LegalTech start-up developing AI-powered software to transform the property due diligence market in the UK. Orbital Witness allows real estate lawyers to get on with their job; providing useful clear advice in property transactions. Their AI technology is designed to identify legal issues in real estate transactions, allowing a smoother process of buying and selling in the property market.

Macomics, a cancer treatment start-up which is designing drugs which control the behaviour of macrophages (white blood cells) preventing them from being hijacked by cancer cells and subsequently aiding the cancer to spread. With their world-leading expertise in macrophage biology, Macomics is committed to increasing the body’s immune system to increase defence against tumours.


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