How Unicorn Labs Can Help AGORA Startups Turn Their Ideas Into Reality

AGORA has partnered with Unicorn Labs to help our startups validate their ideas.

Many new startups often form around an idea. Whether it’s an idea for a product or service, this is normally the seed the business grows from. The problem is this is also where lots of potential businesses stop.

Many want-to-be entrepreneurs don’t want to take the risk on an idea. How do you know that other people will think it’s a good idea and want to buy it?

This is where validation comes in. Validation is the process of establishing whether a potential business could be viable and that an audience exists for the proposed product or service.

Unicorn Labs are experts in guiding new businesses through this process. They will help you with your idea and turn it into Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which is the process of establishing developing the product and service just enough to test it, without spending too much on refining it before you know if it’s a justifiable business. Unicorn Labs are so good at this process that they believe that they can do it in just one weekend.

After your MVP is established, they can help with the development of prototypes and the process of testing your idea and getting feedback. All of this means you save on your investment of time and money into a business idea until you know it has potential.

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