Founder, Accelerator, CEO: Seb Diaz

"Innovation is like a muscle, you have to exercise that muscle to be more innovative" - Today Alex is joined by Seb Diaz, former CEO of Startup Chile - a public project which is the largest accelerator in Latin America. Seb is now an adviser for the Yield Lab, an AgroTech fund.

In this edition of Kaiku Conversations, Seb and Alex talk about the role of Government in Venture Capital and the current startup market in Latin America. From the financial crisis to to the Chilean earthquake; we hear Seb's insights to the Chilean Political System and their moral and legal obligations concerning state intervention into the private sector. Greater diversity is created when the state activates the private sector, allowing the Chilean economy to flourish.

We enjoyed having Seb with us an we hope you enjoy listening in on the conversation too!

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