AGORA takes it first steps to help startups take theirs

This week, AGORA opened up its platform for sign ups. The platform promises to help early-stage ventures develop themselves through on online learning system, partnerships and, further down the line, a pre-seed investment platform.

The launch this week allows for startups, entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in starting their own business to sign up to AGORA. As part of the initial release, users can expect:

  • AGORA Toolkit: a place for users to find the tools they need, from marketing to insurance, to setup and run their startup. With over 10 product and service providers already, and more in the works, users can expect exclusive AGORA member benefits to these tools

  • AGORA Series: Currently with an ever expanding set of virtual lessons, AGORA Series offers a digital learning environment to help arm startups, and the entrepreneurs behind them, with the essential skills useful to any business

Beyond the consistent additions to the product and services available through AGORA Toolkit and the production of new courses for AGORA Series, AGORA is planning to grow and offer startups more so that they can become a one-stop-shop for new ventures. These include:

  • AGORA Capital: New investment platforms for startups are popping up all the time but none of these cater for pre-seed startups. Creating a platform specifically for such an early stage venture offers startups the initial funding they need to get started while offering investors more opportunities that can offer greater rewards

  • AGORA Community: The startup community is strong and powerful but is still very much split into local communities, often in heavy urban areas. AGORA plans to create a digital community, allowing startups to connect and gain feedback from a much wider network while opening up this community less urban areas.

We’re looking forward to having you join our journey!

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